DAC,Inc. was founded in 1966 to offer an alternative form of advertising for small businesses. Starting out with the production of vinyl telephone book covers, mailed directly into demographic or geographic areas, we have expanded our products over the years to include production of City Maps, Magnetic Organizers, Magnetic Schedules, and Magnetic Wet/Dry Erase Boards.

We also now offer our online distributorship - Your Factory.Com -

Your Factory.Com can offer our clients the availability to purchase a wide array of promotional products such as hats, desk folders, pens, CD holders and many other specialty items.

At DAC, Inc. efforts are continually being made to maintain and expand our existing business, most recently leading to the formation of Direct Advertising Consultants. Offering a comprehensive view of a businesses advertising and marketing program. We offer advice, demographic breakdowns, media findings and cost savings alternatives to high price media forums. We are excited about our future as we continue to help companies with their business, a mission that began in 1966.

If you are a current client, or to look into our fee based services, please contact us at: info@diradco.com