Direct Advertising Consultants will analyze your current needs, expenditures and results from your marketing/advertising program and offer an evaluation. Please be thorough. Fill in all data areas. All information is kept confidential.

*This consultation is a fee based service.*

Our fee is $495.00 per account or 25% of the savings your business realizes in your advertising expenditures based on our recommendations, which ever is greater.

Contact Information

Business Name:
Business Address:
Phone Number: Fax Number:
Web Site: E-Mail:
Contact: Contact Title:
Person Ordering Consultation:
A) Yearly budget for all advertising expenses
Please break down your expenses among the following:
1) Yellow Pages
Please list all the directories advertised in and their ID numbers.
2) Radio
Please list all the radio stations advertised with.
3) Newspaper
Please list all the newspapers advertised with.
4) Billboards
Please list the number of bill boards.
5) Direct Mail
Please list the types of direct mail programs.
6) Television
Please list all the stations advertised on.
7) Internet/Web Site Sales
Please list the type of ads used.
8) Specialty Advertising
Please list all promotional products purchased.
9) Other Advertising
Please list and explain.

B) How effective do you feel your current advertising program is? Please explain.

C) What are your goals for your advertising?

D) How do you monitor how your new clients learned about your business?

E) Do you plan on increasing or decreasing your advertising budget? Explain your conditions.

F) Do you know your clients demographics? If yes, explain.

G) Please list and explain the competition your business faces within a one hour radius driving area.

H) What separates your business from your competitors?

I) How long has your business been established and what challenges have you overcome if any?

J) Please list the top 7 current challenges your business faces in the next two years?, e.g., cash flow, working capital, expansion, competition, employee retention, shrinking customer base, etc.

K) What are the economic conditions of your general market area?

L) Have you planned on any new advertising for the next two years? Explain.


1) Do you have an established logo for your business? Yes No
2) Do you have a color scheme for your business? Yes No
3) Do you have an established location for your business? Yes No
4) Do you have a high change over in personnel? Yes No
5) Do you maintain a high client retention rate? Yes No
6) Has your current management team been in place for the past 5 years or longer? Yes No
7) Do you plan on a new advertising campaign? Yes No
8) Do you have consistency in all your advertising? Yes No

N) Please list any general comments.

If you would prefer to fax us this information, please print out this form, fill it out in its entirety and fax it to Direct Advertising Consultants at (636) 390 - 4144.