Welcome to the opportunity to represent an exciting company in the field of advertising! We are launching an expansion campaign. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing if your goals and aspirations for your future can be met working with us. We are excited about our future and the futures of those people that help us build a great company and in turn a great future for themselves and their family. Below are some of the benefits associated with our company. Please review our information, complete our questionnaire and then submit the information to our company. One of our associates will be in contact with you. All information is kept strictly confidential until you have accepted an offer from us. We look forward to hearing from you. To learn more about us please view our products link.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Full control over your days worked.
  • You punch your own time card.
  • Territory control.
  • The better your performance the larger your territory could be.
  • Year end convention trips for you and your spouse-all expenses paid.
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  • Income Averages
    After 1 Year: $44,000
    After 3 Years: $67,000
    After 5 Years: $93,000
  • Stock Gifting Program.
  • Monthly Sales Meetings.
  • 13-Week Training Program.
  • Up to 49% of company profits flow back to the representatives for retirement.
  • Over twelve bonus programs with over $30,000 worth of bonus money potential.
  • The most cost effective products in our industry, time tested, consumer supplied approval feedback and free effectiveness studies provided to our clients.


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How did you learn about the career opportunity with us?


Current Occupation Current Employer
Number of Years Number of Years Employed


Last Three Year Salary History

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What are you looking for in a company/career change?


Are you free to travel, if needed? Yes No


What are your goals for income and/or advancement in:

1 Year:

3 Years:

5 Years:


Describe the past work related achievement that you are most proud of and why.


Explain a case history, which required a great obstacle to be overcome in order to accomplish your goal.


On an importance scale of 1 - 20 with 20 being the highest degree, rank the following needs or personality traits:

Income Vacation
Freedom Control
Autonomy Stability
Honesty Competition
Recognition Respect
Travel Advancement
Results Incentives
Effort Family
Commitment Peers
Supervision Friends

If you would prefer to fax us this information, please print out this form, fill it out in its entirety, attach a copy of your current resume and fax it to Direct Advertising Consultants at (636) 390 - 4144.