Thank you for visiting our product preview. We are unique in the advertising field. In addition to our advertising services, we are a diverse manufacturing company. Most of our products are made by us. This control allows us to offer substantial savings to you. Due to our resources we can custom design a program and/or product to fit your needs.

Here are some of our time proven and tested items that we offer throughout the United States.

Magnetic Kitchen Organizers, Magnetic School Athletic Schedules & Magnetic Wet/Dry Erase Boards

Established in 1993, this division of DAC Inc. was formed to offer a blend of magnetic products. Our magnetic kitchen organizer is a great home tool. This product comes with a 4"x 6" pad of paper, a pen/pencil holder, two business card size holders, a two year calendar, a 6"x 8" pocket area for notes, coupons or a general "catchall" with a large display area for advertising. According to a recent Purdue University study the average refrigerator is visited eleven times per day. This product is typically direct mailed into every target home and has a magnetic back.

Our magnetic school athletic schedule magnets are typically 4"x 9" and list the fall and spring varsity sports schedule for the school. We then take these products and direct mail them into a demographic area. Businesses that cater to sports related consumers prosper with these school related items.

The magnetic wet/dry erase boards are handy items. This 8-1/2"x 11" 15 pt board is a great home/office helper. We have two high strength magnets on the back of this board that hold this message area in place on most metal surfaces. A great tool to get your message seen in every home. Typically this item is direct mailed, but is also a great item to hand out at your counter, group events or in shipments.

Telephone Directory Covers

If you could afford an ad on the outside of your most popular telephone directory; can you see why it would be more effective than an ad placed on page 194 with all of your competition?

If you could be listed on the outside of every phone directory in your area, and keep your competition from being seen there; can you see why your business would have the first opportunity at a new potential client?

City Maps & Development Planners

Since 1987, Dir.Ad.Co. has been offering city maps to the Chambers of Commerce and City Development Planners across the United States. We specialize in three color, 8-1/2"x 11" finished booklet style maps. These are great products to promote your city or community. Most city maps fold out and are cumbersome. They are not consumer friendly and the advertisers are more likely looked over instead of looked at. Our booklet style reads like a book. The closed size of 8-1/2"x 11" or open size of 17"x 11" allows us to display your town or community in a professional way, while keeping the advertisers message displayed in an effective way. This item is stapled in the center and is in an 8 page, 12 page, 16 page or typical 20 page format. Instead of a Chamber of Commerce giving out 3 to 4 different pieces on your town, have them combine all the same information into one professional piece. We do all the work, the advertiser's ads underwrite the production and the chamber or city reviews the map brochures for distribution.

Economic Development Magazines

Dir.Ad.Co. is proud of our economic development magazines that we have been producing for the past four years. Made of the highest quality materials, these pictorial community brochures are an effective way to promote your town in the highest standards available. Pictures of your area dominate this piece. No file photos' are used. Our professional photographer projects your community image in the best possible way. If you have been searching for a way to have your town stand out in the search for quality relocating businesses, this is the item for you. Project the best possible image. Control the integrity of the piece. Stay away from the highly advertised feel of other brochure magazines. Promote your area through its schools, churches, healthcare, recreation and work force made available to new businesses. Highlight the areas history. Project the community's future. This is the item for any progressive growing community.

Your Factory

Your complete source for any promotional item. Pens with your name and logo, ball caps with your company's image, t-shirts for your ball team or desk folders for your corporate meeting. Find any item on your product site at

Healthcare Marketing Professionals

If you are in the healthcare field, we offer a diverse history in your field. Since the early 1970's, we have specialized in helping the health care professionals prosper in a demanding field. Your hospital, practice or clinic can benefit from our extensive client base of knowledge. Health fairs, public relation concerns, competition worries, budget restraints and demographic profile are all examples of problems and concerns we have faced for our clients. Contact us or order a consultation and see how we can help.